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It takes 21-28 days to build consistency. Try differently with our April Challenge. You will stand a chance of winning some amazing prizes and winning Ugx 1,000,000. Our challenges focus on strength and cardio and you only have to workout for a minimum of three days a week. Our programs can be done from anywhere and at anytime.

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Challenge series winners


February: Only two participants from the contest qualified to win. In our programs, there are some rules and guidelines that need to be followed in order to be selected as a winner. See full guidelines here>>

March: Only three participants from the contest qualified to win.

April: Winners will be announced on 19th April 2021. 11 slots are available to be filled.


I am grateful for having been part of the challenge. I have learned to be patient and that results don't come over night. I have also learned discipline in regard to working out regularly and minding what I eat. The change might be minimal but it is okay because am work in progress.

Mpairwe Justine 

Consistency was my greatest challenge. I normally never finish or pull through but with lockdown challenge, it was a different story. Thank you Afrocanfit

Pleasure Amara

This challenge has been really intense I must admit. But just kept pushing to test my limits and overall I think it was really helpful. Its much easier for me to exercise when someone else plans the workouts so thank you for that 😀.

Janice Nampiima

Ultimate Challenge Series


Join our last challenge in the series and stand a chance of winning Ugx 1,000,000


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