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It takes 21-28 days to build consistency. Try differently with Afrocanfit Monthly Challenges that are designed for convenience, bring results as you can see below, and at the same time help you get started and continue on a path to a better physical health. Allow yourself to walk this journey with others for support and motivation. Sign up now.

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4 Week Transformations

I am grateful for the Whatsapp support group. Even though I did not say much, the information shared on that platform kept me motivated because I knew I was not alone; I had a support system on this journey which was something I had never experienced.

Diana Asiimwe

I am grateful for having been part of the challenge. I have learned to be patient and that results don't come over night. I have also learned discipline in regard to working out regularly and minding what I eat. The change might be minimal but it is okay because am work in progress.

Mpairwe JustineĀ 

Consistency was my greatest challenge. I normally never finish or pull through but with lockdown challenge, it was a different story. Thank you Afrocanfit

Pleasure Amara

This challenge has been really intense I must admit. But just kept pushing to test my limits and overall I think it was really helpful. Its much easier for me to exercise when someone else plans the workouts so thank you for that šŸ˜€.

Janice Nampiima

Ultimate Challenge Series


Join our last challenge in the series and stand a chance of winning Ugx 1,000,000


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