Afrocanfit 2-Week Reboot

Not yet gotten the spark to start working on your goals since the year begun? Then this reboot program is just for you. Free for all to join and all you have to do is sign up! Starting 25th January!

About Reboot

Afrocanfit Home Reboot is a 2-week full body workout program intended to kick out the December laziness that we walked into 2021 with. The plan here is to revive, re-energize and get our bodies back to the exercise mood before February arrives. We are making it simple, fun, and engaging. We shall be doing only 3 exercises per day so there is no room for excuses! You will be provided with 3 workout options as explained after you sign up. Join us now.

Hear What Previous Challengers Have to Say 

What’s Included


Workout Program

The target is to do only 3 sets of 3 exercises per day for 2 weeks. The estimated total workout time is 12 minutes.


Support Group

Access to a Private Facebook Group for extra motivation and support.


Demonstration Videos

Videos illustrating the exercises for beginner and advanced levels


Q&A Sessions

Get the opportunity to ask questions during our live Q&As planned in the Facebook group.

10-week program

Not looking for a reboot but rather a fully planned program or structure to use while at home? Grab our 10 week at-home challenge at discounted price of Ugx 50,000 and get your goals on the way.

What is needed?

Sign Up

  • To join the challenge, all you have to do is fill in the registration form at the bottom.
  • You will receive confirmation email and more details about the challenge.
  • You will also have the opportunity to join a private Facebook group from which you will get extra support and motivation from other participants.

Needed but not necessary

  • Water bottles: 500ml, 1.5 litre, 5 litre jerrycan (2 of each).
  • Resistance bands.
  • Internet access to watch demonstration videos or follow along full video.
  • Join Facebook group.

4-Week Transformations

Here are some of the amazing changes accomplished by some of our challengers in the previous challenges. Imagine what you can achieve in a span of 10 weeks if you give yourself the opportunity to do so? Join Challenge X!

I am grateful for the Whatsapp support group. Even though I did not say much, the information shared on that platform kept me motivated because I knew I was not alone; I had a support system on this journey which was something I had never experienced.

Diana Asiimwe

I am grateful for having been part of the challenge. I have learned to be patient and that results don't come over night. I have also learned discipline in regard to working out regularly and minding what I eat. The change might be minimal but it is okay because am work in progress.

Mpairwe Justine 

Consistency was my greatest challenge. I normally never finish or pull through but with lockdown challenge, it was a different story. Thank you Afrocanfit

Pleasure Amara

This challenge has been really intense I must admit. But just kept pushing to test my limits and overall I think it was really helpful. Its much easier for me to exercise when someone else plans the workouts so thank you for that 😀.

Janice Nampiima

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Join?

Once you purchase any of the programs under the Ultimate Challenge Series, you will receive further instructions on how to register for the ultimate challenge.

Will the program help me lose belly fat?

Yes, our 4-week challenges are designed to focus on fat loss through strength and conditioning exercises. 

Do I need to pay?

Yes. To stand a chance to win the 1 million cash prize, you are required to take part in one of our challenges under the Ultimate challenge series. Each challenge costs Ugx 50,000

Who can participate?

Our programs are open to anyone. However, the Ultimate Challenge is closed to non-female residents of Uganda.

Does the program come with a meal plan?
  • No, the program does not come with a meal plan. We do not offer meal plan services as this will make the client dependent on the meal plan provider. Instead, we seek to empower our clients with the tools and information necessary to make their own meal plan by helping them understand their body type and how various foods affect their goals. This is provided in our nutrition guide which can be purchased by following this link.

About the Coach.

My journey started as a one man team but I have grown to find so much gratification in helping others navigate their way out of the jungle of inconsistency and unrealistic goals into one of making healthier lifestyle decisions while still being a work in progress. It is now a growing team of fighters, believers and learners. What started as a goal to look good turned into one of seeking a better understanding of my body, how it reacts to certain things and stretching the limits of my fitness while feeling amazing.

We do not have to walk this journey alone yet we are all on the same path. Let us support, motivate and influence each other to make healthier lifestyle choices that are permanent and bring us happiness.

Patience Ankunda

Join The Challenge

Commit yourself to 2 weeks of exercise, rebooting your body and shaking the laziness off so that you can begin focusing on the goals you set for yourself. Whar are you waiting for?