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Get yourself a structured fat-loss workout program designed to help you on your journey to a better physical health and can be done anywhere and anytime. 

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About The Challenges

In a bid to understand the challenges faced by individuals in their pursuit to restructure their weight, Afrocanfit conducted a research through survey in May 2020 that attracted about 80 participants from 3 different countries. Some of the challenges faced by the majority were inconsistency, lack of beneficial nutritional information, and discontentment brought by a lack of quick results among many. In a bid to tackle such challenges, Afrocanfit was transformed to inspire, educate and promote healthy lifestyle transformation in people’s lives by finding ways through which individuals can be able to continue doing what they love and make necessary health changes and adjustments to their routines to accommodate body transformation.

Since the majority expressed their comfort in  working out on their own but with virtual help and accountability, Afrocanfit has created and tested a 4-week program that generates positive and impressive physical and mental transformations in the participants lives. By encouraging home workouts that are convenient and require no equipment, we hope that this will help individuals build their consistency. Also by providing nutrition guidelines and tips, the program has proven to be more effective. A community of passionate challengers has been built around this and through supporting and motivating each other, we can be able to make the necessary healthy lifestyle changes and live our best lives.

Afrocanfit is a platform that seeks out to inspire, educate and promote healthy lifestyle transformations in the lives of many by finding ways through which individuals can be able to make healthy and lasting changes without being extreme

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What’s inside


Full Body Program

Workouts tailored to target every muscle group

Demonstration Videos

Videoes illustrating the exercises for beginner and advanced levels

Support Group

Access to Private Whatsapp  Group for extra motivation


Home-Based Workouts

Convenient workouts that can be done with no equipment

4-6 Workout Days

30-minute workouts on three days to cover the working class

Fat-loss Tips

Useful tips on how to effectively lose the fat and keep the muscle

Nutrition Guide

Get yourself a nutrition guide based on body types and learn how to eat for your body type and goals. Make the most out of your journey by having a guide on nutrition.

I started the Afrocanfit 28 day challenge when I was 85kgs. For a person who used to be so small, I didn’t like it. I felt uncomfortable, I felt my body was getting out of control. However I also didn’t know how to start my journey to becoming fit so when I saw the post, I reached out and the first week was hard😂 my body was in pain. But it took baby steps, my body got used to that pain. Long story short I’ve lost 7kgs so far and I am still going! Even after the 28 day program, I still do my routines and watch my diet as well. Okay on, some days I sluck but I make sure that I make up for them because I can’t go back to where I was. I feel way healthier and better!

Pearl Elisabeth Kitimbo

Before I joined the Afrocanfit 28 day challenge it was hard for me to find workouts to do on a daily. But as I did the challenge I had daily workouts and on top of that someone to keep me accountable that was the best part about it. The program also gave me guidance on how better I could eat and helped release the pressure that comes with wanting instant results. Patience always says to just become the healthiest version of yourself, and that’s what I did and I’m still doing. After 28 days of doing the program I lost 3.5kgs and inches all over my body. I’m also more mindful about what I eat and I’m consistent with showing up to workout at least 5 times a week. Thank you Patience for everything you’ve done for me. Thank you for sharing your journey to fitness it inspired me to start my own. Thank you for keeping me accountable and believing that I could do it. I’m proof that your process works!

Belinda Twesigye

Before I started the 28 day challenge, I struggled with meals. I somehow fell into an eating spiral and put on a lot of weight. This weighed a lot on my mind, I started to feel insecure about how I looked. You know the “I’m ugly and clothes don’t look good on me” insecurity? Since I joined, I have lost some weight,physically a lot of the weight is gone. I love & feel good about myself, how I look etc. I’m stronger. Patience -Afrocanfit is absolutely the best accountability partner !! From the planning to the encouragements. She pays attention to your needs and helps you go through the program and this for me stands out. I appreciate your patience,your detail to good service. I want to keep accountable to your program. Thank you Afrocanfit

Lynn Bahati

Before I begun this program I had a problem of consistency. Like I would really want to work out but never really had that push and even when I would start working out I would work out like one day and the next I’m lazy to the dot. But after I started the challenge and seeing all the posts of peoples progress that Afrocanfit put up I had to challenge my self to be consistent cause I badly wanted the results ASAP. All my jeans literally became big on me and I feel lighter my tummy has rapidly reduced like wow😯. I really just want to thank Afrocanfit for coming up with this challenge and helping me utilize my quarantine to achieve my goals that I thought were unachievable.


About the Coach.

My journey started as a one man team but I have grown to find so much gratification in helping others navigate their way out of the jungle of inconsistency and unrealistic goals into one of making healthier lifestyle decisions while still being a work in progress. It is now a growing team of fighters, believers and learners. What started as a goal to look good turned into one of seeking a better understanding of my body, how it reacts to certain things and stretching the limits of my fitness while feeling amazing.

We do not have to walk this journey alone yet we are all on the same path. Let us support, motivate and influence each other to make healthier lifestyle choices that are permanent and bring us happiness.

Patience Ankunda


Nutrition Guide

Vol 1 Lockdown Challenge

Vol 2 Lockdown Challenge

Vol 3 Lockdown Challenge

Challenge X

Vol 1 Glute Band Challenge

End of Year 4-week Challenge


The year is not yet over! Now is the chance to dash through your goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Join?

Once you purchase any of the programs under the Ultimate Challenge Series, you will receive further instructions on how to register for the ultimate challenge.

Will the program help me lose belly fat?

Yes, our 4-week challenges are designed to focus on fat loss through strength and conditioning exercises. 

Do I need to pay?

Yes. To stand a chance to win the 1 million cash prize, you are required to take part in one of our challenges under the Ultimate challenge series. Each challenge costs Ugx 50,000

Who can participate?

Our programs are open to anyone. However, the Ultimate Challenge is closed to non-female residents of Uganda.

Does the program come with a meal plan?
  • No, the program does not come with a meal plan. We do not offer meal plan services as this will make the client dependent on the meal plan provider. Instead, we seek to empower our clients with the tools and information necessary to make their own meal plan by helping them understand their body type and how various foods affect their goals. This is provided in our nutrition guide which can be purchased by following this link.


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