How winners are selected 


If you would like to be considered for the prize of this challenge, here is what you have to do:

  • Choose a cloth that is a size smaller and does not fit you anymore. It can be something new or something you own. You must wear the same item/attire in all your progress photos if you want to be considered for the grand prize. This item could be a shirt, top, dress, trousers, skirt, etc.

  • You must send progress photos every weekend starting this weekend until winners are announced. Send the photos to with the email subject as “#YourOrderNumber-WeekNumber” for example #453 – Week 1 in that format. {You get an order number via email once payment has been received}

  • Send three photos: front, side, and back view as illustrated below.

  • In the front view, you must be holding a paper with the date written in bold and your location as demonstrated below.

  • Choose a plain background when you take your photos so that the image is very clear.

  • Ensure that your body is seen clearly and therefore should not be too far or too near. Your body from head to knees including your face should be visible. {We respect the privacy of our customers and therefore all photos shared with us will not be shared with anyone else including the public unless you consent to it}

  • Only those who follow these guidelines will be considered for the prize. 

Side View

Front View

Back View

Criteria for selecting winners:


  • The participant clearly follows all the guidelines listed above
  • It is optional to share your experience on social media and be very supportive in the group however these may influence the final decision of winners.
  • The top five participants with better progress made towards fitting in their chosen item will be announced as winners.

NB: It is okay If the item you have chosen does not fit right. Remember, the purpose of this challenge is to make it fit better in 4 weeks. Take those photos and we monitor the progress of its fitting.


In addition to qualifying for the Ultimate Challenge where Ugx 1,000,000 will be up for grabs, all winners will win other amazing prizes. A list of exercise accessories will be provided and the number of items selected will be based on the ranking of the participant. In other words, the first place winner will get to select 3 items, the second-place winner will select 2 items, and the rest will select 1 item. Items on the list are not limited to but include:

  • Resistance bands
  • gym outfit
  • yoga mat
  • dumbells
  • healthy journal
  • skipping rope
  • foam roller
  • water bottle
  • gloves
  • kettlebell

Our program consists of only three workouts per week that focus on strength and cardio. It has been designed for fat loss through home workouts! All you will need is water bottles such as 5-liter jerrycans, those 1.5-liter water bottles, and 500ml water bottles to perform some exercises. Resistance bands are needed but not necessary. 

Workout from anywhere at any time with full-time access to the program.

**Please note that the contest side of the challenge is only open to female residents in Uganda**

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