The Ultimate Challenge Series



The Afrocanfit ultimate challenge is a finale to a series of three challenges that will be running from February to April. It is a one-day event that will be bringing together 16 participants from the three challenges to battle against time. Each participant will be required to complete a certain number of tasks and the one with the shortest total time will walk away with UGX 1,000,000.

5 winners from each challenge will be selected based on their hard work put into making physical changes! Each participant of the monthly contests will be required to get a cloth that is a size smaller or no longer fits and the goal will be to fit in that cloth better. The cloth could be a dress, shorts, trousers, a top you name it as long as it evidently does not fit! The top 5 will be announced winners.

And that is not all. In addition to qualifying for the Ultimate Challenge, all 5 winners from each challenge will win some amazing prizes. A list of exercise accessories will be provided and the number of items selected will be based on the ranking of the participant. In other words, the first place winner will select 3 items, the second-place winner will select 2 items and the 3rd to 5th place winners will select 1 item. Items on the list are not limited to but include:

  • Resistance bands
  • gym outfit
  • yoga mat
  • dumbells
  • healthy journal
  • skipping rope
  • core sliders
  • water bottle
  • gloves
  • kettlebell

The monthly challenges consist of only three workouts per week that focus on strength and conditioning. These challenges have been designed for fat loss through home workouts! All you will need is water bottles such as 5-liter jerrycans, those 1.5-liter water bottles, and 500ml water bottles to perform some exercises. Also, to make the exercises more challenging and effective, using resistance bands will be helpful especially in helping you burn more fat. Need a resistance band? Pass by our shop and get yourself one! 

Timeline of challenges:

  1.  February Challenge: 8th Feb to 7th March. Winners announced  10th March
  2. March Challenge: 15th March to 11th April. Winners announced 14th April
  3. April Challenge: 19th April to 16th May. Winners announced 19th May
  4. Ultimate Challenge: 22nd May (Tentative date)

    More details about the tasks during the ultimate challenge will be provided as we reach the day. However, within the monthly programs are some of the tasks that may be done during the grand finale. If you believe that you can unleash that beast within you and take on this challenge, sign up now!

    Joining options available:

    • 50,000 per month
    • 80,000 for two months**
    • 120,000 for three months**

    **No longer available

    Note: participation in the contest is completely optional. You will still benefit from having a workout structure and program that is designed to help you lose fat around the body. We will be working out only three times a week with exercises focusing on strength and conditioning. For those interested in the contest, once a purchase has been made, registration instructions will be provided. 

    **Please note that the contest side of the challenge is only open to female residents in Uganda**

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